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Seven Hills Physiotherapy brings you all the latest Sheffield physiotherapy news.

London marathon dream kept alive for local runner following emergency physiotherapy treatment!

A distraught marathon runner sought our advice after he suffered a gradual onset of hamstrings (muscles at the back of the thigh) tightening that threatened to ruin his London marathon dream. He had noticed the tightening worsening over a few weeks and he was struggling to run more than 3 miles without pain and tightening. This was worrying as he was about to tackle 26.2 miles in less than a month. 

As an experienced runner he knew how to manage muscle problems. Unfortunately, stretching and foam roller work had not helped. He also complained of the tightening when he bent forward to tie his shoe laces. It became immediately clear the problem was not the hamstrings but restriction of the sciatic nerve. The spinal vertebrae that the sciatic nerve exits from were very stiff. Manipulation of these levels improved bending forward from being able to touch the upper shin to touching the ankles. 

More importantly, the hamstrings tightening had 70% improved after one session and he successfully completed a 21 miles run. On his second visit the same treatment was performed and exercises provided. He contacted us 5 days later to thank us after the problem had resolved.


Seven Hills Physiotherapy resolves 4 months history of lower back pain episode in 10 days! 

A lady in her late twenties attended our Sheffield physiotherapy clinic as she had been suffering lower back pain for 4 months. She worked at a horse riding school and was struggling with certain occupational duties.

The back pain started following an accident where a client fell off a horse and landed on her. Her back was forced into hyper-extension (arched backwards too far). Lower back pain had been a problem since. She had improved initially but no improvement had been noticeable recently. She was struggling riding and carrying bales of hay, as well as performing any activities where the lower back was arched backwards.

The physical examination highlighted a movement restriction into extension (backwards bending), as well as reduced core stability. There was no suggestion of lasting damage. 

This lady attended 3 times in 10 days. Treatment consisted of hands on mobilisations to the 5th vertebrae of the lumbar spine and 1st and 2nd segments of the sacrum. She was encouraged to work into lower back extension at home by arching her back further each day. She was also provided with core stability exercises. By the final session she had full movement into extension and the pain had fully resolved.

She is a classic case of a back injury where the initial injury has healed yet the movement restrictions maintain the pain. These cases are usually very quickly resolved but if left unchecked may persist for long periods.

Stefan, 20th January 2014


Seven Hills Physiotherapy helps runner return to the streets after solving obscure foot pain.

A keen runner attended the clinic before Christmas complaining of a tiny spot of moderate pain on the top of his foot after running. He reported no problems in every day life and very little during a running session. However, he had stopped running due to fear of further damage.

On examination, the pain was very obscure and difficult to reproduce. The only finding was tenderness on the lateral branch of the deep peroneal nerve but this was a weak finding. With little to work with I went down the route of examining the nerve in detail. It was restricted in its movement and the joints it originates from in the lower back (via the sciatic nerve) were stiff. I mobilised the lower back joints and the nerve movement significantly improved immediately.

The patient was provided with specific nerve tensioners as a home treatment. He contacted me after a week saying he had been running a few times and the foot pain had significantly eased. He was happy to continue with the home treatment and it is predicted his problem will have fully resolved within a month at the latest.

Stefan, 5th January 2014


Sheffield Physiotherapists resolve ankle ligament complaint in two sessions.

A frustrated triathlete made contact with us due to an ankle pain that had prevented him from running. The problem started at the end of August. He had tried to 'run it off' but the pain continued to worsen. A month ago he stopped running to see if rest would help the symptoms. He noticed the symptoms subside. 

Two weeks ago he decided it was time to ask for help when the ankle pain returned whilst performing low level triathlon bike transitions.

On examination, the gentleman had clean and full range of movement at the ankle. The pain was specific on palpation and was located on the tibionavicular fibres of the deltoid ligament (this can be felt under the ankle bone on the inside of the ankle). There was a subtle weakness and loss of proprioception (balance) at the ankle.

Treatment consisted of frictions to the ligament and exercises to rehabilitate the ankle. The patient was also taught frictions to perform 3 times per day at home. He returned only a week later expressing his delight as the ankle had not felt as good since the end of August. He is to continue the frictions and the exercises have been progressed. It is predicted he will successfully return to gradually increasing his running in the new year.

Stefan, 15th December 2013

Seven Hills Physiotherapy, Eckington

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